TOP 7 SEO Strategies to follow in 2023

Top 7 SEO Strategies to follow in 2023

SEO tools and strategies have changed overtime and is still changing. So, for any Digital marketer it is a highly essential to keep himself updated on current market trends and tools. In this blog, I would like to share with you Top 7 SEO Strategies to follow in 2023 . Hope you will find these simple seo tips for better ranking  helpful.

What is SEO?

SEO is critical for any business with an online presence. SEO is a constantly evolving discipline and the list of what can be done to improve it are constantly changing. In order to rank higher in SERPS, one needs to have a clear understanding of the latest SEO techniques and stay up-to-date with the changes in SEO. One should also implement these techniques on their website and optimize their site structure, meta tags, URL slugs and title tags.

In view of the decline in the quality of google search results back in 2010 and as a measure or more specifically a need  to eliminate black hat SEO tactics and web spam Google introduced an algorithm Google Panda in February 2011. In 2014 Google introduced E-A-T principles in its search quality guidelines focused on Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. Now lets see some of the very critical strategies of SEO that has to be implemented by any SEO Specialist to reap success from their efforts. 

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Let ‘Google Discover’ Discover Your Webpage

Lets make your website easy for Google Discover to spot you. Now let me say little more about Google Discover. It focus on what the users interests are. Open your mobile and check for DISCOVER in the home page. 

Google Discover

Users interests and preferences are the key for any website to rank and Google Discover was introduced to highlight users interest even if they don’t search for it in realtime. It help user explore new ideas surrounding your interests.

Whether or not your website qualifies to be top on Google Discover is based on the following:

  • Content- YES whether it is 2011 or 2023 no compromise on the quality of your content. .
  • Capture the soul of your content with a suitable TITLE
  • Excellent compelling and high-quality images
  • Optimized and high quality videos 
  • AMP- Accelarated Mobile Pages focus on speed and performance of your webpages for mobile users. AMPs convert your webpage to lightweight pages making it easier to load in mobile . It is pretty easy to set up AMP on your website. Simply install a high rated plugin from WordPress (this is how I did!) or seek the help of your web developer 
Use Of Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets are those feature on a search engine result page where the user gets more information about a particular search on the zero position. 

featured snippet image

Now why is this important for SEO?

  • More traffic to your page- Studies shows that the use of featured snippets has a positive impact on your website click through rate (CTR). What does this mean? Website with a featured snippet gives a higher CTR than the organic results without featured snippets.
  • User experience– Being on top of the SERP, this feature provide better visibility and thereby enhancing the user experience
  • Brand awareness
  • Filter result -oriented users- There is a possibility that a user can get more information from featured snippet and so generates  no click searches. However, Google displays only a small extract of the information in the form of list, paragraph or table so if the user is honestly interested in your brand then he will click to gather more information and finally turn into clients.


Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals (CWV) is a set of benchmarks  developed by Google introduced a set of benchmark tools to help website administrators enhance page performance for the benefit of website users.Google consider the core web vital as the essential seo practices to follow in the upcoming year as it is  considered now.Faster the page loads greater are the chances to generates leads, sales and revenue.

 The Three core web vitals critical for performance of your website performance are:

  • Largest Contentful paint(LCP)– The time taken for the largest image or text on a page to load.
  • First Input Delay (FID)– This measures the time from when the user starts interacting with the page like clicking a link, or a button etc to the time when the browser starts processing and responds to the interaction.
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)– This measures the visual stability of a webpage.
 PerformanceGoodNeeds improvementPoor
Quality of Content
  • Content quality is the most important thing for ranking. You have to write attention seeking content to attract the visitors. Keep it easy and simple for them to read and understand.
  • The information present in your website must be valuable, in-depth, and relevant to the specific needs of your target audience.
  • Use keywords to help search engines index your content for the topics that matter most to your site. Keep keywords in mind when writing content to attract the searcher’s intent. For example, if one searches “apple pie recipe,” they may be looking for recipes or just general information about apple pies.
  • It’s always a good idea to use high quality images to give your audience visual appeal, but some images could be too large for web pages so you might have to optimize them first. You should also make sure that you include links in your article so users can easily find more information on what they are reading about.
  • Creating a high quality blog post will attract more traffic and lead to a better ROI for your business than publishing low-quality blog posts with less content.
Focus on Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords when compared to shorter ones have lesser competition and is easier to generate leads and conversions. So its important to choose them over short keywords. 

keyword type

Keep the following in mind while choosing a keyword:

  • Understand the purpose of search.
  • Understand the keywords users are likely to use.
  • Evaluate the keywords that are already ranking on top.
  • Add keywords in your content meaningfully and take care not to stuff your keywords unnecessarily. 
  • Re-evaluate the performance of your website and keep updating it with trending keywords.
Meta Titles And Meta Descriptions

Always keep in mind that you are competing with persons who are having same or someway similar product or service as yours. So, yes the competition is tough. Remember that meta titles and then meta descriptions are the very first thing that  your users will see before visting your website. Thus, keep them appealing, precise and to the point and convince the readers to click them.

Title tagYour title tag is one of the most important elements of on-page SEO. It tells search engines what your page is about and determines whether or not your page will rank for relevant searches. A good title tag should be:

  • Relevant to the page content
  • No more than 60-70 characters long
  • The most important keyword for the page should be at the beginning of Title tag followed by your Brand name
  • Avoid keyword stuffing
  • Title tag should be unique to each page and so avoid repetition for various pages on your website 
Meta description:  While writing meta descriptions keep the following in your mind:
  • Have unique descriptions relevant to every page on your website.
  • Make it interesing for the users and generate a curiosity in them to go further and understand more about your website content.
  • The description should contain relevant keywords. Your description should provide a hint on what the page is about.
  • Meta descriptions can carry 150 and 154 characters. If it crosses the ideal number of characters the Google will seclude the extras
Building Quality Links

Link building is  maintained as one of the critical evaluating factor by Google and other search engines for ranking the content all the years. Google understand backlinks as testimonial by which it determines the quality of your content and decides whether to rank it at the top of the search result. Even in the upcoming year 2023, Highquality links are going to be of substantial value.So a successful seo strategy involves getting high quality links that is links from other sites that are reputed, trusted and widely accepted in the market.  

You can consider some of the given suggestions:

  • Understand what works for your competitors, ie; analyse where your competitors have backlinks to their website
  • Find out top referral sites to Google Analytics tool.
  • Form outbound links to develop a healthy partnership with other sites with high domain authority via outreach emails
  • Take the help of Google Search Console to get reports of Top Linking Sites to find the websites that have connected to yours previously. You can get connected to them once more.
  • Creating high quality links with appropriate and top notch content to impress the potential backlink providers. If they are convinced about your content then your job is eased.



SEO, or search engine optimization, has become a vital and integral part of modern digital marketing. It is important that you follow the right SEO tips to rank high in search engine results pages. Your website will never be able to beat your competitors if it doesn’t have a steady supply of traffic. This can be achieved through various tools like Google Adwords. In this article, we have examined various strategies for a company to follow in order to enhance its online presence. We hope that these strategies will help you take your business to the next level.

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